How to increase organic traffic 2017

How to Increase Organic Traffic to your Website – SEO

What is Organic Web Traffic?

How to increase organic traffic 2017

Organic Traffic is traffic that comes to your website naturally. It’s not driven by any specific paid marketing Campaign.

Organic traffic is traffic that comes to your website naturally and without being driven there by any specific paid marketing campaign. It usually happens the same way as you browse the bookshelf at your local bookstore or library for something in a specific area of interest. After looking, you discover that little treasure that contains all the answers you’re seeking. This is what the Web was all about when it was first created.

Sources of Organic Traffic Generation

The main sources of organic traffic include:

  1. Referrals from search engines;
  2. Referrals from other Web sites (links), and;
  3. URLs placed on business cards or letterheads. f

The main engine for organic traffic is article writing. Article writing, when done correctly, can be a powerful tool for good organic listing.

Direct Traffic Vs Referral Traffic Vs Organic Traffic

By now , you should know that traffic is important in order to achieve the goals you have set for your website. No questions asked! Your site is pretty much useless if no one is visiting it or is not acquiring any readers or in short. Without traffic, your site has no purpose at all. You’re not making any money. No one is reading your blog. You might as well close it down. You are the only person who knows about the site. No one else does!

This means that you need a way to drive traffic. As mentioned before, traffic can be organic. And organic traffic is divided into Direct traffic and Referral Direct traffic happens when a person visits the website directly by typing the URL in his browser. There are no links to click or terms to search. He simply visits the web address directly. The second type of traffic is called referral traffic, this happens when a person follows the link of your site out of natural interest that is placed in other websites.

Direct traffic happens when a person visits the website directly by typing the URL in his browser. There are no links to click or terms to search. He simply visits the web address directly.

The second type of traffic is called referral traffic, this happens when a person clicks on the link of your site out of natural interest. Maybe some else’s website mentioned your website and has put the link on your blog. When the reader wants to learn more about your website, this is Referral Traffic. Referral traffic is brought by the curiosity of the visitors about your website. This is how you get referral traffic.

Your site’s referral traffic can almost come from anywhere. Your links could have been the results of your link building, which means that your link appears on other websites.These websites could be directories, forums, bookmarking sites, blogs, etc.

The last traffic is the one that is being fought over by webmasters. It is called organic traffic, and this traffic is the one brought by search engines in their search results when someone searches the Internet. Search engines are like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, etc. This is how webmasters compete for the top rank on the search results page in Search Engines. You should take note that those who have financial resources are spending lavishly on hiring SEO specialists in order to reach the top.


Organic Traffic Generation

Organic Traffic Generation is Free Traffic!


To acquire organic traffic demands effort and hard work. Competition is the number one factor that must be considered when you are acquiring organic traffic. Don’t try to compete against those who can afford to spend money lavishly for promotion.

The best way to improve your organic traffic is to build links going to your site. This may require plenty of hard work and may even cost you money, but always keep in mind the end results. The financial gains that you will be earning will soon be more than enough to compensate for all the effort that you did. Just be sure you are in compliance with the requirements provided by search engines particularly Google. You don’t want to lose one great opportunity of having the best traffic in the web for your industry.


  • Referrals from Search Engines (Organic Traffic)


Organic traffic from search engines is based on complex formulas and explanations that can be compared to the tax laws. Basically, the search engines in order to determine popularity have spiders crawl the web looking for links.

Try typing in a search term on any search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, etc) such as ‘how to build a website’.

What do you see?

You see a results page filled with websites suggested by the engines. These are called the organic search results. And because Google is most common these days, we will talk about how to drive organic traffic using Google here.

“And why are some results higher than the other?”

Remember, search engines aim to provide useful results. The more useful the website is regarding your search term, the higher rank the website. This usefulness is called Quality Score. To get a higher quality score to rank higher on Google organic search, your website needs to be easy for Google to read and understand. Also, the more people clicking on the website on Google, the higher the Quality Score, because it shows high relevancy. But if visitors just click on the website and don’t stay a long time, the Quality Score will be low as the visitors seem to feel the website is not very relevant to them. Or maybe they can’t find what they want. The % of people look at your website and leaving quickly is called the Bounce Rate. These are just a few things that affect your organic traffic – there’s more.

But how can you increase Quality Score? As I said before, if you write articles that are related to people’s search terms, you will get a higher Quality score and higher ranking on Google Organic Search.


  • Referrals from Other Websites (Referral Traffic)


The best way to get organic traffic from referrals from other websites is to write articles that contain useful content needed by these website owners. A top criterion for them using your content is they must include include a clickable link to your website in the article.

If the reader of your article likes your information, he or she may click on your website link to find out more. When you article is good… Voila! Lots of people click the link to learn more, and they go to your website.

One of the tips to increase website traffic organically from other websites, is to add call for action at the end of your article. If your information is genuine, the reader would click on your website link to check your site out. This gives you you an opportunity to sell your products displayed on your website.

Also, the more links pointing to your website from other websites or link directories tells the search engines your site is relevant and must have something interesting. Otherwise, there won’t be so many websites linking and referring to you!

The best ways to start generating these links is to start writing articles relevant to what web surfers are looking for. At the bottom of the article, place your website URL. Then, submit your article to article distribution sites like Spindistribute, HubPages or Examiner for distribution to website owners looking for relevant contents.

Submit your articles to at least ten articles distribution sites. When other website owners use your article, you get a link pointing to your website. I have seen one article become so popular that in two months it has generated thousands of links for the writer. Your best bet is to just keep writing unique articles with relevant keywords and submit them to article distribution directories. I know website owners that write and submit fifteen to twenty articles a month. Just imagine the links pointing back to your site and the search engines will reward you with an ever increasing share of organic traffic relevant to your website.

  • URLs placed on business cards or letterheads or emails (Direct Traffic)

    seo link building

    Search Engines love content. Good Content Drives Organic Traffic.

Another effective method to generate organic traffic is to start including your website URL in your business cards, letterheads or emails. Since you have no idea who might need your services, it is in your best interest to invite everyone. I usually include my business card with any bill I pay through the mail. I also include my website in my emails.

Be Careful of Scams like “Get massive website traffic free!!”

Use the above methods to generate organic traffic. But be cautious about scams that promise to give you dramatic search engine placements. From experience, the only placement that happened was my money got placed in their pocket with no visible results. You can also buy articles, but just make sure you’re the only original owner. Plr articles sold to hundreds of individuals are a waste. Buy only unique articles.

The above techniques will get you an ever increasing share of organic traffic that can become an avalanche as long as you continue writing and submitting unique article content.

What to do if your Organic Traffic goes down

You wake up one day and find the traffic to your website has tanked. You ask yourself, why? Sometimes you cannot identify what happened, but you can work on making sure you have done everything possible to help with your organic and page rankings.

Do not panic.

Take the time to methodically go through the steps below. This should help you identify trends or changes you can work on to fix the reduction in traffic.

Step 1 Check your Google Webmaster tools for any Google penalties. If you have any penalties identify and fix them. If not, move to the next step.

Step 2 Dig Deeper. Spend time reviewing your Google Analytics. You may see trends that will assist you in identifying where your drop in traffic has occurred. A few examples of things to look for: Did visitor’s time on your site drop? Did page visits to a specific page drop? Look for trends that will help you identify what changes need to be made on your site.

Step 3 Has your page rank dropped? Google ranks your page’s authority on a 0-10 scale. The higher the number, the more authoritative your page is.

Step 4 Evaluate your sitemap. A sitemap tells search engines when new pages have been added and how often to check back for changes on specific pages. Make sure all of your website pages and landing pages are included on your sitemap. If your website does not have a sitemap… add one!

Step 5 Review your content. Make sure that your keyword appears in your description tag, H1 tag (traditionally the headline) and in the body of the document. Whenever you add new or make changes to content, notify Pingler of the changes so the robots will come and crawl your site. Pinging is sure to increase your traffic.

black hat seo technique

Organic Traffic takes a long time, but the Rewards are great! High Returns and Strengthen Brand Awareness.

Long Term Effects of Organic Traffic

Good Organic traffic is the result of a long and laborious process. It involves developing interesting and unique content for your website to add enough value to your website for search engines to rank it highly. The benefit is, of course, that content which is valuable today will very likely remain valuable tomorrow as well. The level of importance may change as our world and business/personal practices change, but that organic listing will continue to provide you with traffic for quite a while.

High Returns

Organic Traffic is in stark contrast to paid traffic. Paid traffic disappears as soon as you run out of the budget for your campaign. For organic traffic, the ROI is much higher. Once you develop content that is Search Engine Optimised (SEO), you get long term organic traffic once the content is available online. Yet, for paid advertising, you need to keep on investing money for it.

Also, even if you are using paid advertising, organic traffic will also be useful. The more organic traffic, the lower your paid advertising – That’s a whole other blog post right there! Just remember, even for paid advertising, the more people are interested in your website, the cheaper it is. So having good content shows to the paid advertising channels that you are a good website that is relevant to the visitors, so you can pay cheaper per click.

Stronger Brand Appeal

A website that appears high in search engine listings is generally perceived as a valuable and informative website. Moreover, unlike paid traffic, your current and potential customers can always find you easily if you rank well for terms that are related to the nature of your business. Remember that your customers are looking for a winner. Seeing you at the top of the search engine results automatically gives the impression that you are at the top of your game. All you have to do next is to focus on product fulfillment and customer support to gain customer loyalty and lots of referrals!

So Organic traffic is definitely something that should be a part of your marketing plan even though it is not something that will get you immediate results. The trick is to have an online marketing mix which balances your energy and focus on immediate and long term traffic needs.

Many people think that once website gets built… that’s all they have to do. Visitors will magically just show up. Let’s put this urban myth to bed for all time… it just ‘ain’t gonna happen’. Websites that rank well and have good traffic are worked on regularly.

Search engines LOVE current, relevant content.
And it’s the best way to increase organic traffic.



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